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The IE Outlet Focus

There are no limits to what you can create when you start with a good foundation. At The IE Apparel Outlet, we're focused on making sure that when it comes to Dickies clothing, you start with a solid foundation.

We are proud distributors of a brand that has been producing the highest quality workwear since 1922, Dickies. By choosing to focus on only one brand, we have been able to build a selection that you simply wont find elsewhere. From Original 874 pants to the latest in women's work jackets and everything in between, we'll give you everything you need to get the job done.

Looks like we found our new workwear company. A great value one-stop-shop with a level of service that far exceeded our expectations. These are our go-to guys for anything Dickies.- Rob (Round Rock, TX)

Welcome to The IE Apparel Outlet

We take great pride in being the #1 online store for Dickies clothing for men and women. Dickies clothing is known for its durability in the workplace while IE Apparel Outlet is known for its vast selection and outlet pricing that cannot be beat. When it comes to clothing for the work place you need to be comfortable and safe. Dickies through the years has been able to manufacture and design the perfect look and need for your everyday routine. We specialize in the lowest prices, the largest selection, and the best customer service in the nation. Individuals, teams, businesses, and other retailers turn to IE Outlet for the best deals on Dickies clothing. Shop today for Dickies workwear that you’re going to want and afford.

We have earned our reputation for providing exceptional service. Our pricing is the best for Dickies pants, shorts, shirts, jackets, and more. Online ordering makes transactions quick, easy, and secure! If you don't see the style you are looking for, please contact us and we will make every effort to get the style you are looking for. We also offer a hemming service for items that need it, so please do not hesitate to ask. The IE Apparel Outlet is proud to be an authorized dealer to retail and wholesale customers alike.

Why Choose The IE Apparel Outlet?

    Founded in 1922 by two cousins, the company that is now Dickies started from humble beginnings in Fort Worth, Texas. Originally, the company gained traction in the market because of its tougher than nails bib overalls. Since then, Dickies has continued to do everything it can to keep supplying worker with the high quality apparel they deserve at the prices they want. Today, Dickies offers you a wide range of clothing designed to help you get the job done. Dickies offers up everything from work shirts, pants, and shorts for men and women, as well as clothing for children and a line of boots. Dickies has also expanded into the high visibility arena for those of you who work in areas and at times requiring that you go the extra step to be seen, and they also now make jeans either denim or duck canvas. Since the very start, each product that has passed through the hands of our employees and through our doors has been an example of pride. Pride in tradition. Pride in that product. Pride in our customers. We are proud you, because we get what it feels like to work hard for you family and for yourself. We understand what it takes to get up tired in cold, dark mornings from a warm bed with the knowledge that you won’t get back, still tired, until the sun has gone back into hiding. We also know the pride you take in the job you do. We know you’re thankful for the job you have, because your job is better than no job, and we know that you know how blessed you are to live in this great country. We sell work clothes made to please and to last because we appreciate your struggle. We know the little things, like the material and weave of a shirt or the design of a pocket, can make your day at least a little bit easier.

  • Premium Quality - We at IE Outlet specialize in original Dickies workwear, made by Williamson-Dickie Mfg. Co. Since 1992, the clothing produced has been premium workwear that offers a quality and comfort only found from the original Dickies Brand.
  • Complete Selection - We carry the FULL LINE of Dickies Products. Rest assured, if we sell it...it's Original Dickies!
  • Easy Ordering - Online ordering makes transactions quick, easy, and secure! If you don't see the style you are looking for, please contact us and we will make every effort to get you the apparel you are looking for.
  • 100% Secure Ordering - IE Apparel Outlet uses 128-bit encryption key over Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to provide the highest level of security.